First step to your better health.

On internet you will finds thousands of articles on how to loose weight.Being a Fitness enthusiastic and belonging from a medical profession i have reviewed many of them.But found very few of them actually useful.Before you start your journey do know that being fit is not about which diet you follow for a certain time or how much weight you loose in that time.

Its is a actually a lifestyle modification not bound by time and number (your weight)

Fitness and body modifiaction is much more complex than just loosing a few pounds every weeks.It lies on two main things diet (70%) and Excersice (30%)and your will power.So please sit back and think.Are you ready for a healthier version of yourself?

If you have finally decided that you are going to bring a change in your life i congratulate you for that.

There is only one rule for a healthy lifestyle “SUBSTITUTION”

Start substituting unhealthy snacks and meals with comparatively healthier ones.Always start with a small promise/change in your life.

For example you can start having your morning pb sandwich in bran bread rather than white one.In your coffee you can reduce the sugar content and fat.Start making small changes.Step by step go on to change your lifestyle

Your fitness journey starts from the day you go for grocery shopping.This is one of foremost rule for a kick start to your plan.

The rule of the thumb go grocery shopping when you are not hungry.

Buy things that would help your goal for example

  1. Oats HAve them in breakfast (overnight oats,spicy oats or oats smoothies.This one is my star ingredient for fitness)
  2. Fresh Fruits (All the seasonal fruits,make sugarfree shakes,smoothies)
  3. Fresh Vegetables (use in salads through out the day)
  4. Wheat biscuits (sugar free)
  5. Green tea/coffee (caffeine is an appetite suppressant but to be used in mod amount.preferably without milk and sugar)
  6. Skimmed Milk
  7. Whole Wheat Bread/whole wheat flour/cereal (to be substituted in baking)
  8. Pulses/chick peas/beans
  9. Meat (chicken/beef)
  10. Low Calorie Sauces (Tabasco,Soy sauce,Vinegar)
  11. Nuts (almonds,walnuts peanuts)
  12. Eggs (Another star ingredient)
  13. Low fat Yogurt
  14. Dates
  15. Dark Chocolate (yes you are not mistaken)
  16. Olive oil
  17. Brown spaghetti/pasta
  18. Cottage cheese


  1. Chips
  2. Milk Chocolates
  3. Biscuits
  4. Noodles
  5. white flour/pasta/lasagne sheets
  6. All bakery items/Nimco
  7. All frozen foods
  8. Full cream milk/yoghurt/cheese/icecreams
  9. Soda/sugary drinks/milkshakes
  10. Cakes/brownies/pastry

When you are done with surrounding yourself with healthy food,the second step is to start cooking your own meals and make your personal meal plan.

In my next blog i will be explaining you how to make your own customized meal plan and some healthy recipes for a month InShaAllah.

So make sure you have the above list next time you go for grocery shopping.If you have to add something further in this list please do comment and give us your valuable review.

Till then remember me in you Prayer



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