Colourpop Craze !!!

Hey All

Today I will be swatching and reviewing some of my colourpop liquid lipsticks.Colourpop is one of the most affordable brands when in come to good liquid lipsticks.I am yet to discover their other products but for today i will only be reviewing their liquid lip colors.

To start with colourpop lets review some basics.

Colourpop liquid lip colors come in 5different finishes and each one costs $6

  • Ultra Matte-Long wearing,Super Matte & dries completely,may bleed,exceptional staying power,Transfer proof,Best when worn over moisturized lips.
  • Ultra Satin-Long wearing,Matte ,Moisturizing,Bleeds,Good staying power,Not transfer proof (translucent powder can be used)
  • Ultra Glossy-High Shine,Moisturizing.Have not tried this one.So cant say much
  • Ultra Metallic lip-Moussey and Metallized.Have not tried this one.So cant say much
  • Ultra Blotted lip-Light Weight,Transfer proof,Matte.(Want to try this ASAP)

Today i will review 8 colours that i own.3 of them i got in a set (Out and About $15).Most of them are Ultra Matte`

  1. Tulle
  2. Scrooge
  3. Viper
  4. Lovebug
  5. Baracuda (ultra satin)
  6. Frick and Frack (ultra Satin)
  7. Bumble (favorite one)
  8. Time square


I dont like the applicator they come with.They apply much more better and smooth with a lip brush.

The pigmentation is really nice but they do leave a stain on your lips.You need to reapply these after a heavy meal as they tend to get patchy.


As you all can see everycolor is beautifull.Pigmentation is on point.Bumble is my absolute favorite for daily wear out of the lot.I would definitely repurchase bumble.

Now come the difficult part


As you all can see,the 2 Ultra satin do not get dry completely so they are much more moisturizing then ultra matte.

The worst part of the lipcolors is to remove would definitely need a makeup remover/cleanser to get the stain completely off your lip.OR else be ready to have lipcolor smudged all around your lips if you try removing with a simple tissue or water.

Nevertheless,in this price,these lip colors are an absolute winner.Like every product they have some pros and cons.

Do let me know how you liked them and which shades you love.



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